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I am delighted with the coverage we received this Sunday in The Times. Last year saw the team grow to 15 people and saw us grow our partnerships with major players such as ATG and Ticketmaster. There was a great deal of incredibly hard work put in by the entire team with a lot of ‘under the hood’ work being done. This work has positioned us in a place to be able really start growing ‘social booking’ across the web. We are all aligned on one mission to enable more offline interaction using offline. To start 2018 with this article is a sign of things to come.

A big thanks to all our team for the hard work

Eddie Robb

Edinburgh start-up takes the stress out of socialising

Make it Social’s Eddie Robb is enabling friends to book group tickets for theatre or sports events while paying individually

Robb says Make it Social was born out of ‘frustration’
Robb says Make it Social was born out of ‘frustration’MARTIN SHIELDS


Despite the ubiquitous influence of technology and social media on our daily lives, tech start-ups still have the highest rate of failure among all industries. So what price for a fledgling online tech business that is focused — its founder insists — on “getting people offline and doing stuff together”?

Step forward 29-year-old Eddie Robb, founder of Edinburgh-based tech start-up Make it Social (MiS). Robb’s business is aimed at taking the stress out of arranging social activities for friends, by enabling groups of people to book theatre or sports tickets online while paying individually.

“Yes, it is online and it is social,” the softly spoken Robb concedes. “But in reality … Read full story here:

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