Make it Social & Ticketmaster Sport Partnership Begins

Groups of sports fans throughout the UK can book tickets easily and securely using the industry’s latest technology, thanks to a new partnership between Make it Social and Ticketmaster Sport. To begin with, several cricket matches at The Kia Oval will be available for group booking. Tickets are available from today and we are looking forward to additional teams and stadiums offering our simple and secure group booking experience.

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The Basics Explained: Social Booking

At Make it Social we’ve done a lot of growing this past year. We’re delivering great results for incredible clients with our fierce API and the knocks at our door just keep coming. With some exciting news on our growth soon to be released – keep a look out for that, folks – in this week’s blog, we want to focus back on the basics. The fundamentals. What do we mean when we talk about wanting to make the world a ‘truly social place’? This is our mantra, and we live and breathe it. But what are we talking about and how do we make this happen for people? Allow us to explain…

It seems almost throw-away to say it, but in our digital culture, so-called ‘connections’ are everywhere, yet nowhere. Our ‘friendship networks’ are well-meaning, but in real terms – they’re a fugazi – they’re in the ether, they’re not really ‘real’.

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How Millennials, mobile ticketing and mCommerce create perfect profit potential

There’s a perfect storm forming between Millennials, mCommerce and mobile ticketing. These titans of trends are on the rise and set to generate winds of powerful commercial change.

Mobile and online ticketing is exploding, says Juniper Research Author Nitin Bhas. By 2020, use of mobile devices is set to generate around 23 billion ticket sales in transport and events worldwide. In 2015 alone the airline industry saw a 50% increase in mobile app-based ticketing.

mCommerce is in the ascendency also, with an increase of 32% in mobile sales between 2015 and the previous year. With the average price of mobile devices coming down, coupled with data connectivity and widespread wifi availability going up, the full democratisation of mobile is happening.

As such, the apps market is set to grow to an estimated 378 billion apps downloaded by 2020.

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Empower your customers with payment innovation

For some businesses, payment gateways are locked, static spaces where innovation rarely gets through. Often a place where one payment method has endured, regardless of whether it creates frustration for customers. Yet it’s widely acknowledged that the more payment methods you can offer your customers, the easier it will be for you to convert your service into sales.

At Make it Social, we believe in the power of payment innovation – delivering the key to unlocking revenue and helping your customers make payments faster, safer, and more simply.

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Case Study

Social booking logic pays off for ticketing giant

At Make it Social we’re all about driving innovation in group booking software. Whether for clients in ticketing to travel – wherever groups are gathering you’ll find pain points our software solves instantly.

That’s what ticketing giant, Paylogic discovered when they recently partnered with us.

When it comes to ticketing, for us, it’s all about enabling groups to gather, inviting friends easily, and make payments simply. Our passion for social group booking is about delivering creative solutions for clients to offer their customers.

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The grown-up family holiday

Family holidays. What does that conjure for you? Does it bring back memories that are fond or fraught? No doubt dependent on whether you’re reading this as a parent or a child, you’ll maybe imagine rose-tinted recollections of childhood fun at the beach, camping on the Continent, and oodles of activities – some brilliant (day by the pool – kid’s idea of fun), some not so brilliant (archaeology dig site – parent’s) – but all of it seemed to be well planned, didn’t it? Smoothly, cooly, and, more often than not, somewhat seamlessly. And for the most part, everyone got to do something that they liked on holiday. Even though mum and dad sacrificed more days hiding under a golf brolly under the baking sun at the beach in the name of keeping the kids happy than they might have liked. Such are the sacrifices we make.

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How social ticketing could help you trounce the touts

TicketingFor fans, waiting for tickets to go on sale can feel like the start of a race; against time, against ticket numbers, against every other fan out there. Poised at the starter gate for the release – either ready and waiting to pay online, or waiting to dial the hotline with your finger hovering above redial before you’ve even heard the busy tone. And we know what that sounds like – the sound of someone else getting your ticket.

Even with access to pre-sale purchase, fans can find themselves queuing or waiting hours in front of their computer while websites and servers struggle to cope with online demand.

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How ticketing innovation helps groups say ‘yes’ more easily

Millennials; ticketing; group booking; innovation
Millennials book more music and film tickets than any other demographic.

At Make It Social we’re a busy crew, travelling to meetings, running hackathons, and attending international industry events. Founded by our guiding belief in making the world a truly social place, we invest a huge amount of time and energy in being present, being a part of the conversation in group booking innovation, and sharing our way of seeing the world.

So at this week’s INTIX conference, we’ll be there. We’re heading to California for the International Ticketing Association event that runs from 20-22nd January, to be joined by other leading ticketing professionals and take part in the international conversation on what’s new in ticketing for the arts, professional sports, college athletics, arenas, fairs and festivals, ticket distribution or entertainment management.

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Groups that stay together, pay together, we tell

This week we shared the latest group pay travel insight with leading travel industry voice,


For groups this time of year is all about planning the next get away. ‘Floating groups’ may be yet to make a booking, but with the in-resort snow cams across the Alps right now revealing some of the best snow fall in recent memory, they’ll be vying for chalet space along with late bookers of similar mind. So some groups like to live on the edge, and it’s not exclusive to snow breaks either. But how can business capture this group spend trend?

By keeping groups together, that’s how. With floating bookers it’s all about engagement, as we tell Tnooz “Groups that stay together, pay together”.

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