Are you fundamentally disconnecting your users?


Discover how to connect with, not just collect, your customers.

How often have you heard is the maxim, ‘we live in a social world’? Way too often for it to have any fresh meaning in 2015, right? Wrong. Such is its veracity, it cannot be ignored, even today. Social media and mobile technologies weave an ever-integral thread through our daily lives, creating a social fabric that defines how we interact with the world around us.

As social creatures we want to come together how and when we like. We expect to be able to complete social journeys online and gather information at our own pace with ease, fluidity and satisfaction. We expect to be able to share information and create our own social calls-to-action seamlessly through the channel of our choice. We expect a journey that has come to define our notion of the modern human experience – social and convenient.

Increasingly, we expect technology to maintain this human experience. If that experience is interrupted – if we bump up against computer systems that say ‘no’, sales agents that retain control, systems or interfaces that seem outdated – it can feel like our human connection in the digital world is somehow fundamentally disconnected. So in a highly competitive environment, failure to respond to customer demand can be the difference between business gain and loss.

In these moments technological innovation becomes all the more valuable as a positioning tool, and all other routes all the more outdated. And in a world where digital word-of-mouth amounts to a 140-character review, companies must ever increasingly recognise consumer power, innovate, and respond to retain the edge in an ever-crowded online consumer environment.

So how can Make it Social help you be more human in a world of technology?

If you want to be really social, if you claim to offer a true group booking solution, consider – are you part of the fundamental disconnect?

People want the power to control their own lives, to live socially, and to hang out with friends when and where they like. It’s simple. MiS helps you be part of this.

MiS empowers your customers to gather, to plan and to book as a group, while retaining engagement with your sales team in a uniquely branded environment. Groups are able to build their own perfect package from airline to airport, resort to self-catering accomodation, even down to submitting dietary requirements and room preferences – creating a powerful sense of autonomy in the booking process. And because our automated calls-to-action emails motivate groups to remain engaged and drive momentum towards conversion, your agent can save time on chasing individual group members, leaving them free to focus on more sales while still retaining the ability to chat with all group members and oversee booking plans through direct email. There’s more, too. The social dynamic generated by group bookings creates influence and excitement, enhancing the opportunity for changing behaviours and purchasing decisions – allowing your agents to optimise on upselling and add-ons, from car hire or activity lessons to entertainment packages, attraction passes and restaurant or dining extras. And because groups with MiS are self-affirming and generating, cohesion and buy-in within an engaged social community leads to faster decision making and conclusion of bookings, increasing your conversion rate and enhancing consumer satisfaction.

So ask yourself, are you part of the fundamental disconnect? Discover how MiS can change this for you or sign up today for free. 


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