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Christian Drummond
Client Success Manager at Make it Social

Our 4 Easy Onboarding Steps

At Make it Social we strive to provide you with an onboarding experience that is stress free and straightforward. Here’s how we do it, in 4 simple steps:

1. Getting to Know Each Other

One of my key duties as client success manager is working with new clients to understand exactly what they require out of using our Social Booking platform. Do you want to drive more sales? Enhance customer experience? Acquire more data? I will meet with you in order to understand exactly where you stand, and exactly how we can help.

Through our initial discussion, I can gain a comprehensive knowledge of your company and act as an intermediary between yourselves and Make it Social – so that we can provide a service that is bespoke and effective. Also, by meeting you and your team, I can garner where responsibilities lie within your business, which is of huge benefit in streamlining the process for the following steps.

2. MiS Customisable Onboarding Checklist

Once we have established this relationship, I will utilise Make it Social’s onboarding checklist. This allows me to reach a complete understanding of your requirements and inform our team how to deliver exactly what you need from a Social Booking option. From white-labelling, to including editable fields – this checklist will ensure that your event’s social check-out is built precisely to your needs.


And this customisation doesn’t stop once you are up and running. We operate under an attitude of constant improvement, therefore we can provide updates to refine our offering, for yourselves and your customers, at any point after you have signed up.

If you have your own suggestions once you have signed up, I implore you to let us know! It will help us to improve our service.

3. Set Up. Test. Sign off

Now we understand you, the real magic can commence! Our team creates a customised user flow between you and the relevant ticketing platform, ensuring all booking information is being passed back accordingly. Our front-end design then enables you to provide hassle free booking, which can always be customised in order to meet your evolving branding requirements.

Once we have set up the front-end and back-end the relevant staging links, you will be able to experience the full Social Booking UI in all its glory! We will then undertake a period of exhaustive testing to guarantee that everything is working ahead of launch. Upon completion of this task, you are ready to go live. But remember, I will always be an email away, should you require support.

4. Placement & Marketing

At this point, you will be ready to go live with your Social Booking option, but you’re not alone in the implementation. To aid you in planning the launch, you have access to our very own marketing team, with their suite of copy and images. You will be able to create imagery that is tailored specifically for the flavour of your event. See below, how Wicked recently put their own spin on things.

Placement and marketing are pivotal in educating users of your shiny new Social Booking option. This is all part of delivering a seamless and effective onboarding process, that will lead to huge benefits for you, and your customers, in the long run.

So you see, it’s simple: meet, check, test, place. Then reap the benefits of Social Booking.

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, please do not hesitate to get in contact on

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