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How Make it Social and Enta Improved the Online Checkout

Gone are the days of the ticket buying burden landing on the lap of one poor soul. Perhaps they send out a few texts about an event, get a bunch of their friends interested, and then proceed to buy 10 tickets. But wait, as it transpires, only 6 people are actually able to attend the event, leaving the ticket buyer in the lurch and short on money. This won’t do!

We offer your customers the option to ‘book socially’. This allows the group leader to send out invitations to their friends from the checkout. Each group member then pays for their own ticket only, which means nobody is left in the lurch financially. Once a quorum is established, the group leader confirms the purchase and the tickets are confirmed. It’s that simple.

What’s more, you will be given data on every member of each group, rather than just the one person that would previously have bought all the tickets. That is powerful insight in a competitive market.

Partnering with Enta – Good News for Theatre Fans!

You may have recently read that Make it Social provided a social booking option for Wicked in London’s West End. This is big news in itself, but it has further appeal to the theatre ticketing industry as a whole. This movement heralds in a period in which stage shows can offer their customers the opportunity to book socially with more ease than ever before.  

How is this so? Well, to acquire this prestigious partnership with Wicked, we initially integrated our social booking solution with the show’s existing ticketing tech company – the well established Enta. This integration has created an upshot to our reach of potential social bookers.

Enter Enta

Enta are the biggest player in West End ticketing, catering to  60% of shows in the area. Beyond this, they are an instantly recognisable name in theatre ticketing across the globe. They provide customers with theatre tickets as far away as Australia! You can’t have much more reach than that.

One of the many wondrous things about modern tech is that there are no geographic barriers to integration. In keeping with this, our tech can seamlessly integrate with ticketing platforms across the globe – from London, to Sydney, via Timbuktu. By partnering with Enta, we are more readily able to follow through on our promises of simple integration that adheres to the spirit of worldwide collaboration, as there are now no barriers for existing clients of Enta to sign up to the social booking revolution. We’ve already done all the work!

By partnering with a powerhouse, such as Enta, social booking can be now enabled on more checkouts than ever before. For this reason, now is the perfect time to partner with Enta and bring your production to the big stage.

Here’s what Enta had to say about out burgeoning relationship:

Commenting John Gibson, Managing Director of Best Union UK Ltd said: “We are delighted to partner with Make it Social and ATG in launching the West End’s first ever Social Booking Service. Furthermore, in conjunction with Enta’s extensive client base, we look forward to further integration with Make it Social and our clients.”

Making it Social

We are already making serious headway in industries such as sports, tours and festivals, but our goals do not end with particular industries; we aim to supply all events industries with the option to Make it Social. Our movement into West End theatre marks a huge development in this journey – one that will give us the ability to provide our clients, and their customers, with the magnificent set of benefits that come with social booking. You know bigger groups, better conversions but you can find out more at

A Word From the CTO

The real-time integration between Make it Social and Enta Ticketing Solutions showcases the benefits that can be brought to market through a “collaboration of strengths”. It is a scalable platform that can adapt to the needs of a complex and ever-changing business sector.

Although we have just guided our first release through the door, plans are already underway for numerous updates and feature additions, targeted towards making the user experience easier and more intuitive. Soon our users will be able to do more of things they love together; the way it should be.

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