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I am delighted with the coverage we received this Sunday in The Times. Last year saw the team grow to 15 people and saw us grow our partnerships with major players such as ATG and Ticketmaster. There was a great deal of incredibly hard work put in by the entire team with a lot of ‘under the hood’ work being done. This work has positioned us in a place to be able really start growing ‘social booking’ across the web. We are all aligned on one mission to enable more offline interaction using offline. To start 2018 with this article is a sign of things to come.

A big thanks to all our team for the hard work

Eddie Robb

Edinburgh start-up takes the stress out of socialising

Make it Social’s Eddie Robb is enabling friends to book group tickets for theatre or sports events while paying individually

Robb says Make it Social was born out of ‘frustration’
Robb says Make it Social was born out of ‘frustration’MARTIN SHIELDS


Despite the ubiquitous influence of technology and social media on our daily lives, tech start-ups still have the highest rate of failure among all industries. So what price for a fledgling online tech business that is focused — its founder insists — on “getting people offline and doing stuff together”?

Step forward 29-year-old Eddie Robb, founder of Edinburgh-based tech start-up Make it Social (MiS). Robb’s business is aimed at taking the stress out of arranging social activities for friends, by enabling groups of people to book theatre or sports tickets online while paying individually.

“Yes, it is online and it is social,” the softly spoken Robb concedes. “But in reality … Read full story here:


Introducing, Team Make it Social…

Spring has sprung at Make it Social and we’ve been doing the done thing at this time of year – growing. We recognise that when we build our team of specialists, we can grow and enhance our offering for our customers by delivering a service that’s faster, smarter and simpler. Meaning our social group booking app is more sophisticated, easier to integrate with, and can begin generating revenue for our customers from the get-go. And this happens all by putting down roots of our own.

By focusing on developing our in-house team of specialists here at Edinburgh’s destination tech hub, CodeBase, we can develop our specialist offering for our clients, which, in turn, enhances the benefits they can offer their customers. It’s a ripple effect; one that nourishes us and our clients.

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The grown-up family holiday

Family holidays. What does that conjure for you? Does it bring back memories that are fond or fraught? No doubt dependent on whether you’re reading this as a parent or a child, you’ll maybe imagine rose-tinted recollections of childhood fun at the beach, camping on the Continent, and oodles of activities – some brilliant (day by the pool – kid’s idea of fun), some not so brilliant (archaeology dig site – parent’s) – but all of it seemed to be well planned, didn’t it? Smoothly, cooly, and, more often than not, somewhat seamlessly. And for the most part, everyone got to do something that they liked on holiday. Even though mum and dad sacrificed more days hiding under a golf brolly under the baking sun at the beach in the name of keeping the kids happy than they might have liked. Such are the sacrifices we make.

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Groups that stay together, pay together, we tell

This week we shared the latest group pay travel insight with leading travel industry voice,


For groups this time of year is all about planning the next get away. ‘Floating groups’ may be yet to make a booking, but with the in-resort snow cams across the Alps right now revealing some of the best snow fall in recent memory, they’ll be vying for chalet space along with late bookers of similar mind. So some groups like to live on the edge, and it’s not exclusive to snow breaks either. But how can business capture this group spend trend?

By keeping groups together, that’s how. With floating bookers it’s all about engagement, as we tell Tnooz “Groups that stay together, pay together”.

Click here to get the insight. 


How unique ticketing tactics helped Rugby World Cup 2015 to glory

It has been a terrific year for international rugby. The World Cup 2015 thundered throughout Autumn and created incredible memories for fans the world-over. Whether your favourite moments were a match – Japan’s stunning 34-32 victory over South Africa comes to mind, or a star player – Wales’ Gareth Davies’ pivotal try during the England match at Twickenham – on or off the field, the tournament created some epic moments that were shared by millions.

One billion, in fact. That’s the total reach the event enjoyed on Facebook alone. The event website had more views online than the Olympic Games 2012, all of which led RWC to claim the title of ‘most socially engaged sporting event of all time’.

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Capture untapped revenue with MiS, says ticketing expert Tim Chambers.

Guest editor and International Ticketing Specialist Tim Chambers shares his thoughts on MiS.

Tim Chambers (2015) (1)
TicketWeb UK Founder Tim Chambers.

“I first met Make it Social MD and Founder Eddie Robb just over a year ago, when he outlined how MIS was able to solve many of the problems associated with fulfilling group bookings online for both the travel and events sectors.

Since then I’ve seen the company take huge steps forward both technologically and from a business development perspective. Their recent launch of MIS Version 2.0 enables incremental revenues for event organisers and ticket agencies with an easy-to-implement API, allowing consumers to attend events with their friends within a self-created and managed group booking environment. Continue reading Capture untapped revenue with MiS, says ticketing expert Tim Chambers.


Purls of wisdom, from Make it Social

At Make it Social we love a bit of knitting. It’s reliable, social and innovative, just like us. Knitting has been around a long time, and – fact time, people – first appeared in the English lexicon around 1400, but it’s thought to have originated long before then. It’s got staying power, for sure. But it has changed over time, innovating through creativity. Knit and purl remain but colours, textures and fabrics used in knitting respond to changing times and interests. Right now, the scoop at MiS Towers is bamboo fibre, people.

Possibly best of all, knitting is super social. We’ve become a resurgent Snitch ‘n Bitch nation with clubs popping up around the country for folk to come together and spin a yarn, literally.

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Sport and the power of social booking – what you need to know

Sport has more power than you may realise, and Make it Social can help you harness it. Here’s how.

Blurred crowd of spectators at the stadium

Sport is everywhere in our daily lives – whether you’re nipping down the gym after work, brushing the kids out from under your feet to play kick-about outside, or watching the latest highlights from the day’s match on TV. 

But sport is bigger than the everyday, bigger than the weekend warrior, the gym bunny, and the telly pundits. Sport plays a major role in global politics. Yup, sport is drenched in the stuff! It helps tackle social exclusion, it raises money for charities, it lends event-hosting nations economic, social and cultural benefits far beyond a few new stadia and a place in the global sporting calendar. Sport raises the profile of a city, a country, a nation. It brings jobs, tourism, business investment, visitors, world-class athletes, and the media.

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Tug o’ war or cycling pelotons. What type of groups are you getting?

Efficient Groups

Efficiency is something we all strive for in life. Personally, I want to ensure that I have the quickest route to the office in the morning. When shopping I look for the shortest checkout line so that I’m not standing waiting too long. I’ve also managed to perfect the art of turning up to Edinburgh airport, negotiate security and get through the other side just as the gate is closing.

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