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2 Ways Social Booking Bolsters Online Sales

Captivate your customers.  Maximise your means.

The benefits reaped from group ticket sales can be game changing, no matter the size of your event.  It is a great advantage for your customers as it simplifies the organisation of attending an event as a group, but it also offers you incentives beyond increased sales; like more data points and less stress on your ticketing platform.  

There are many methods of encouraging social booking for your event, beyond the abovementioned and more obvious ways.  Really, its up to you what these are; we just want to share some ideas with you. Here are the two ways groups can improve your online sales:    

1. Rewarding Group Size in Pre-Sale

Popular Ticket Ploys

Group ticketing isn’t only utilised to get more people to your event.  Sometimes the supply of tickets can’t possibly meet public demand.  In the world of ticketing, this could be due to the limited capacity of a venue or the limitless popularity of the attraction.  Either way, you’re going to want create some semblance of order amongst the chaos of your ticket sales.

By encouraging social booking in pre-sale, you make it much easier for those who want to attend your event, as they can easily invite their friends and get tickets together.  As if the luxury of getting seats together at a popular event isn’t enough, there are further ways that you can incentivise your customers to book as groups.  

Why not turn the pre-sale of your event into a competition?  Offer discounts or VIP passes to groups of a certain size.  You can challenge your customers even more by offering a grand prize to the biggest group.  That way they won’t stop adding people to their group once it reaches a certain size.

Ultimately a little thing like this goes a long way.  Not only are your customers satisfied with their booking experience but you benefit from having more data, more bookings and larger transaction sizes.  

2. Targeting Your Demographic

Stamp Out Slow Sales

You could argue that the problems faced by an oversubscribed event are good problems to have.  The other end of the spectrum can be a much more difficult place to be, while you spend your time anxious over cash flows and low attendances.

Social booking allows you to access a greater portion of your existing demographic by utilising the data you already have.  Send out links to your existing contacts encouraging them to invite friends along to your event.  Offer them an incentive to do so, like a discount for the group’s when the attend your next event.  This is bound to stimulate sales and get your event back on track.  

By continuing to use this method every time you will capture exponentially larger portions of your key demographics.  

What’s Next?

Social Booking Technology from Make it Social will enable you to improve your pre-sale with group competitions and also help with distressed selling by enabling people who already purchased to invite more friends. See how it works:

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