Mini moments that maximise your means

When you’re thinking about new ways to engage your clients – both current and new – the marketing mind is often a hive one. Lots of fluttering ideas and thoughts, each meritorious, some just a breath of an idea. But in marketing, miniature can be mighty. A small spend here, a tiny tweak there equals potentially big impact for your business that can be felt by you and your clients; it’s the butterfly effect.

At Make It Social we really value micro moments like these. We recognise the importance of customer intention and engagement, and know that it doesn’t have to be massive to make waves for us or our clients. Changing something as simple as freeing groups up to book easier on your site can unlock the door and hold it wide open to increased revenue through bigger groups, more bookings, and repeat business.

So with this series of blogs we’re going to be honing in on mini yet momentous marketing that’s your’s for the taking. It’s our ‘free hugs’ moments for you.

With this first featurette, we’re going to take a closer look at three ways you can really tap into the group momentum with your existing customer base.

  1. Let customers invite their friends: with a simple ‘invite friends’ function you can allow your customers to invite their nearest and dearest in an instant. This helps groups to grow, while increasing revenue and generating powerful customer data for you. Our sector insight report (LINK) reveals just how easy this can be – with the average person having up to nine distinct groups, each with around six members.
  2. Offer discounts to bigger groups: Use discounts creatively as a way to empower your customers to grow their groups on their own. Why not offer an incentive every time five more people join, giving the group more motivation to grow?
  3. Start from where you’re at: by tapping into your existing database of customers you can share your fresh group booking messaging with them, creating something new for them to engage with, and opening up the potential of your existing client assets.

So go on, see how implementing these simple marketing munches can really help your customers bite.

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