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Tips and tricks for increasing group ticket sales

The ups and downs of selling tickets can feel like a never-ending merry-go-round. Sometimes tickets sell themselves and are snapped up before they even go on sale, other times sluggish sales threaten empty seats, lost revenue and stress in the run up to a big event.

Whether it’s a conference, concert or game, thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to enhance ticket sales both pre-sale and pre sell-out. Here we share our tips to help you drive sales whatever speed the carousel turns.

Pre-sale strategy (queue jump)

If you’ve got a hot ticket and anticipate surging sales figures from the minute the box office opens, while this may be a sign of success, it can easily cause problems:

  • tickets sell out quickly but some customers might want a return, leading to tickets coming back on sale after the initial launch
  • technical issues at the box office can cause problems for some customers
  • customers get frustrated that there are not enough tickets and feel unrewarded despite putting in the effort to snap them up early
  • groups of friends have to split because there are not enough tickets for everyone.

These issues can all be resolved with our group booking technology, which lets your customers get a group together for your specific product and authorise their payment details before the event even goes on sale. The benefits of this are immediate:

  • customers can prepare for the sale well in advance
  • you as a provider can cut down on ticket admin as customers group themselves freely giving you data for each group member that signs up, not just the group leader
  • you can turn pre-sale into a competition where the biggest groups will get the tickets. So by offering the top three biggest groups a VIP ticket or cool merchandise, everyone gets a chance to try for a “hot ticket” while you watch your ticket sales grow
  • the customer has a better experience
  • the customer is less panicked and will select more add-ons as they check out.

Distressed selling

When sales are not meeting your expectations and time is running out it can be stressful. Your customer database is always a great way of offering your product to the right group of people but when they don’t respond as expected advertising can only help you a little bit.

Our group booking technology enables you to increase the size of your customer database simply by allowing existing customers to invite their friends:

  • offering group booking gives you a great chance to roll out further key messaging to your customers about ticket sales after the initial sale campaign, simply by letting them know there’s a new way for them to buy tickets with friends
  • giving your customers a special offer for every friend they invite may be the inspiration they need to start inviting even more friends
  • offering existing customers incentives to create a group will give you the opportunity to even approach people who’ve already bought your services.
  • by relying on viral spread, not flash sale services you can let your customers spread the word about tickets. This helps you retain the value of your event and makes it fair for your existing customers, so everyone pays the same, not full price and discounted rates depending when you booked.

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