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Kia Oval bowled over by new group booking partnership

It’s nice when something new works surprisingly well, isn’t it? We knew our latest partnership with The Kia Oval would, but for clients, new marketing and sales methods can feel like trial and error. In spite of any cast iron plan in place and anticipated outcomes – essential for any marketing activity – it’s only as good as the new sales channel you implement.

So when one of our latest clients – hallowed home of international test cricket and Surrey Cricket Club, The Kia Oval – signed on to managing group bookings in partnership with us, they were delighted with the increase in group bookings that derived from one link on their website and organic web traffic alone.

Not only that, but their customers were delighted too. And it showed, in feedback and ticket sales. So much so that one Make it Social user told us when booking with friends on the Oval site: 

“I think what you offer is fantastic. Having done loads of these things in the past it has always been an absolute nightmare booking tickets for everyone and then trying to get them to pay you back!”

Bowling a win for The Oval – how we did it

We’re thrilled our solution Kia-Oval-Make It Socialsolved major pain points for The Kia Oval customers, allowing a total of 387 members to book in groups. By plugging in our sophisticated API software, The Kia Oval were able to offer an intuitive group booking platform that resulted in 65 groups forming and 50 then going on to book, with an average group size of seven, through just one link on their site. Their web conversion rates for group bookings based on the MiS call to action was 17%, giving The Kia Oval insight into how powerful our tool could be. So much so that we’ll be working with The Kia Oval to increase our presence across their site with more direct links to each match, and targeted marketing to let more cricket fans know they can now book group packages online for matches at The Kia Oval simply.

Added wins for The Kia Oval include a haul of quality data, helping their marketing and sales teams better understand how to target within group bookings, as well as cater for specific demographics hyped by this kind of simplicity and ease of checkout flow around group booking, such as millennials.

Because our tech allows groups to gather together and pay their share as individuals, The Kia Oval can now offer something for members previously turned off by admin and cost implications commonly associated with group bookings, such as the group leader having to pay for everyone at once.  

So by working with MiS The Kia Oval team has been able to diversify their routes of market, offer new payment solutions that meet the needs of target demographics, collect valuable insight and data, and potentially offer new and exciting marketing opportunities across their wider platform and demographics. Outcomes? Increased sales, meeting consumer trends in group booking innovation, customer satisfaction and the opportunity to strike out in front with innovative technology that makes bigger bookings simpler.

Now The Kia Oval have implemented our innovative group booking solution, they can get back to the real test – on the pitch.

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