Tnooz IATA Hackathon: the debrief

Hack Hearsay, with Réka Kovács

This weekend, Eddie and I were busy getting to know some awesome and disruptive hackers. Tnooz’s IATA THack roadshow in Hamburg gathered over 60 hackers who worked in 17 teams to create innovative airline and travel industry products. Some of the solutions felt as if they were straight out of the future! During the two day THack, participants got to play with IATA’s next-generation NDC-compliant APIs for airline shopping and related travel services.

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We successfully debuted our Make It Social API in front of this international crowd of hackers. We have proven that our technology is compatible with GDS and NDC, as well as with the systems of the other APIs available to the hackers: Hotelbeds, Jet Messaging Technologies, SITA, Airbus BizLab, IBM, HP, and Sabre.

Some of the hacks included:

  • A voice activated virtual travel and accommodation booking assistant talking you through your travel arrangements
  • An app through which you can auction off seats in desirable locations on board the aircraft after take-off
  • A system tracking your whereabouts in the airport sending you push messages and promotions depending on your location, making your travel experience smooth and exciting
  • A platform that offers you, as an individual or as a group, short city breaks according to your preferences guaranteeing you a Friday afternoon departure with a Sunday evening arrival
  • A service that triangulates the optimal destination for you to get together with friends from different locations
  • A website which mines data out of a URL and provides a travel itinerary based on that data.

Out of the 17 teams four implemented the Make It Social API with another four mentioning the group booking API integration as a next step in their product development.

We are proud to have contributed to the roaring success of the hackathon’s most popular team, Cometari, consisting of four hackers from Poland. With their business and leisure travel solution based on Make It Social’s API they took home the Tnooz-IATA best large team, the Tnooz-IATA People’s Choice, the Sabre API and the Make it Social API prizes.

Image credit: tnooz

As sponsors of the event we ensured that the hackers performed at maximum efficiency by providing much needed downtime through massage therapists, and inviting the hackers for an impromptu whisky tasting experience after dinner on Saturday.

On a personal note it was really great to meet so many hackers coming from different parts of Europe. I really enjoyed getting to know you, getting feedback from you and most importantly welcoming you in our developer community.

See you hopefully soon on another Hackathon or at an airport!

To a great hack and beyond!

– Reka.

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