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How our new technology can keep you ahead of the curve

At Make it Social, we believe in staying ahead of the curve.  Be the best you can be, that’s what we say. Staying ahead often means being the first to implement something fresh. That’s why we work with businesses to provide a leading social booking interface and functionality that enables them to capture the growing social booking sector better and be innovative with it to-boot.

Behind the scenes, we’re no different. We’re using next generation JavaScript and web technologies to stay ahead and build a new platform for our clients.

By building progressive web components using Google Polymer library  we’re able to quickly compose bespoke, highly responsive solutions and enhanced user experiences to meet a full potential of custom client needs.

But we know that moving ahead can have its hurdles, especially when older devices are unsupportive of new technologies. So whilst device support is growing for web components and ES 2015, Polyfills and transpilation – a techy type of translation – is still required to make the codebase accessible to older devices.

None of this would have been possible before Microsoft announced the depreciation of IE8, IE9 and IE10 in January 2016. This has created the opportunity for developers to really start pushing the latest web technologies and techniques, without the burden of supporting much older devices. The current state of web components simply wouldn’t have worked in older browsers.

So what’s next for us and our clients? We’re looking forward to allowing our clients to compose their own social booking experiences when we release our components platform to the public later this year.

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