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Why Should You Socialise Your Checkout?

We are the new generation of online ticketing and our aim is to use the social revolution to bring people together for genuine social experiences. Our team recently travelled to the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit in LA to present this vision to the world. This is what we had to say.

The state of the industry at the moment

There are so many events and experiences being sold online that people have more opportunities to get together with friends than ever before.

The global travel and live events industry is worth $2.9 trillion (i.e. nearly double the annual GDP of Canada). An estimated $870 billion of this amount is attributed to social and group bookings; however, there is massive potential to grow this part of the pie, as roughly 25% of planned social activities remain merely as plans.

Global market for social bookings and proportion of failed bookings

25% is huge. It represents a further $217 billion that is not being captured by the industry due to a multitude of organisational quandaries. You could capitalise on these missed opportunities by welcoming our new generation of online booking and socialising your checkout.

But why are we missing out on this 25%?

See the full presentation from Phocuswright in LA.

Same Old Checkout

Online checkout from the 90s and now

Ah, the 90s: A time of rapid technological innovation and questionable fashion. But look how far we’ve come since then. Almost every facet of the technologies we loved back then have come on leaps and bounds, to the point that 90s tech now elicits a droll smirk in hindsight.

This attitude to outdated tech somehow hasn’t extended to the world of online ticketing. Yet.

Websites are shinier and smarter, sure, but we still face the same problems in group booking that were encountered when online ticketing platforms first emerged. As wonderful as online ticketing was at this time, it now has to evolve.

The Issues

There are a multitude of ways in which customers can find out about the events that are perfect for them and their friends, and just as many ways in which they can send on the details to see who is is interested in going. Then the same thing happens: Some will be keen – they might even send money to the group leader for a ticket up front – some will be fairly certain and some will stall, failing to give a definitive answer. After some back and forth, a group is finally assembled, though the onus is still on that one person to then go and sort out everybody’s ticket. And they will probably have to break some legs to get their money back. Friends: who’d have ’em?

Online checkout - steps for groups

Does this not seem overly stressful and laborious? Well that’s where social booking comes in.

The Solution

Social booking simplifies the online checkout so that it’s easier than ever before for your customers to share experiences with friends. We take the tens to hundreds of messages and calls, across various mediums, plus the risk of group members backing out and eradicate the problems that they pose.

By using our technology, when a prospective customer comes to the checkout for their tickets, they will be given the option of Social Booking. Once they have selected this option, they are able to invite friends – via e-mail or text – to attend the event with them. Invitations can be personalised by the sender, as a generic message would be cold and characterless.

Make it Social - inviting friends

The instigator then pays only for their ticket, in order to reserve the rest for the group. At this point, invitations are sent out and the ball is well and truly rolling.

Make it Social - checking your group

The money for each ticket is held on each individuals bank account until a quorum has paid for their part. The group leader can then finalise the payment and the monies are formally transferred. How long they have to complete this process is up to you.

So there you have it; a process which can take several days, cause unwanted stress and lead to unnecessary trouble is simplified at the point of payment. It takes 3 simple steps and engages your customers.

Social booking - new simple 3 step process by Make it Social

Smart Tech

We embed our technology seamlessly on our clients’ websites using three key technologies.

  1. Application Programming Interface (API). Our tech integrates with the existing data set of our client. This way all bookings made through our social booking platform go back into the existing engine.
  2. Social Pay. We have created our own payment gateway so that transactions work across multiple parameters. Payments are possible with numerous card types and currencies.
  3. Polymer web components. Google’s own software which allows for our payment platform to be integrated onto our clients website with a similar aesthetic. This way, it doesn’t look out of place.

And, it works

Through various case studies we have found that our technology is increasing average group sizes for our clients. Groups that had booked tickets out with Make it Social were only achieving an average size of 2.3 people per group. When customers utilised the social booking option, these group sizes rocketed up to 7.9 people per group.

What’s more, our clients are able to capture data for each member of a social booking group. We found that a whopping 85% of these data points were brand new to our clients, which is incredibly powerful for them.

Finally, we witnessed an invitation to booking ratio of 48%. This shows that customers are keen to invite as many of their friends as possible, as group sizes were tangibly improved.

The Genuine Social Network

We are Make it Social and we provide a genuine social network. As powerful and groundbreaking as social networking has become, we are the social networking platform that encourages people to actually get together, in person.

Genuine social interaction is becoming less and less common, with an increasing number of people choosing to socialise online. We wish to champion the idea of going out and taking life by the horns. There’s so much out there for people to enjoy and savour with their friends. We are hear to make that easier.

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